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The Fanatic, Fraudulent Mother Teresa

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:17

She 8767 s owning up to it now she doesn 8767 t have her child. Never know what life (or the judge) will throw at you. It could 8767 ve been prevented if they would 8767 ve strapped up.

Republic Day Essay for Children and Students

What will that look like for you? What are you willing to let go of so you can feel connection instead of resentment, calm instead of exhaustion, creativity instead of stress? Maybe some cleanliness, maybe some moments with your children, maybe some control over the household? You get to choose. Maybe you 8767 ll choose the things you 8767 re currently doing, exactly as they are, because it truly *is* more important to you to keep house a certain or spend as much time as possible with your children. But then you will know you have consciously chosen that and can truly appreciate it instead of being tortured by it.

Fighting For My Daughter: An Essay From Tamika Fuller

It was wonderful reading through this short yet mesmerizing poem. I was awe-struck the way it helped me to reignite the fire of love for my amazing Mommy. Indubitably it is a well-thought and a well written poem, apt for Mother’s day.

Photos: Women Who Risked Everything to Expose Sexual

Oh please. It 8767 s okay for the woman to lay down and have the baby just to get child support but it 8767 s not okay for the man to want to raise the child to avoid it? They both were about the money. If she wasn 8767 t greedy then she would have been able to do just fine with the money she was already getting. Instead she went to court trying to get more money and forgot all about the custody. Her daughter was not her priority, the money was.

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She is less of a woman for being witha cheating hass,i don 8767 t see how she helped take anything,after all ludacris seems to only go for idiots he can control.

Profoundly true. I admire your honesty and grit, your love of motherhood and desperate drive to write. Indeed, 8775 Do what you want 8776 best works with the cooperation of all family members, so they 8767 re working as a team to allow space and support for each one 8767 s heart 8767 s desire. Train your husband to pick up his own underwear and wet towel. Even a three-year old can begin to dress himself, with clothes laid out on the floor the night before. A mom shouldn 8767 t be carrying the full load of running the household, artist or not.

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I balance between my children 8767 s needs and mine because I believe I 8767 m modeling self-care for them (if things are urgent for my children or important for their emotional and physical well-being, I take care of them, but there are times when I allow them to wait and take care of myself first yes, I would take the dawdling three-year-old off the potty if I needed to go and if I later needed to clean poop off the floor, I 8767 d just do it :-)). And I take whole days off from all obligations work and family. I know all this allows me to earn more, be happier, and be my absolute best self for my children.

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