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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 12:55

Simic, Charles. 8775 The Image Hunter. 8776 Rev. of  Joseph Cornell: Master of Dreams , by
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All writing is poetic, to the truly sensitive soul. Never in the history of mankind ever has there ever been a more perfect, more inspiring or more nobler form of communication than poetry. One must aspire to exalt the noble art to its highest incarnation to bring joy and bliss to the world with wit, rhyme and the perfection of the 5/7/5 haiku, or, in the highest form of poetic art, the limerick.

Absolute Write – Write hard. Write true. And write on.

(You don't have to believe that you're obligated to give all your creative product away, though the hackers that do are the ones that get most respect from other hackers. It's consistent with hacker values to sell enough of it to keep you in food and rent and computers. It's fine to use your hacking skills to support a family or even get rich, as long as you don't forget your loyalty to your art and your fellow hackers while doing it.)

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I really loved Michael Livingston’s Roman fantistoricals The Shards of Heaven and its sequel The Gates of Hell. The writing is just absolute crystal clear, and brilliantly powerful and the action sequences OH DUDE THE ACTION SEQUENCES. I love Nicky Drayden’s first novel The Prey of Gods , which is a super-gonzo wild explosion of fantasy and SF ideas, set in near-future South Africa.

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the work is about people and issues others would prefer not to consider. Often, content addresses concerns of groups who have suffered historic and ongoing discrimination.

Leonardo, da Vinci.  Mona Lisa (La Gioconda). [c. 6558-5]. Louvre Museum,
Paris.  Favorite Old Master Paintings from the Louvre Museum. New York:
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LeBlanc, Susan, and Cameron MacKeen. 8775 Racism and the Landfill. 8776   Chronicle-Herald
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This version of Write or Die introduces the concept of positive reinforcement. Sometimes the journey down the blank page seems a long and desolate one. Reward mode helps you mark your progress along the way.

You can now use VLC in Stimulus Mode! Load your favorite writing music into VLC (an open-source media player) and Write or Die will play it as long as you keep writing and fade it out it if you stop. It takes a little setup in the VLC preferences, here s how.

Mac OS X defaults to the strictest app security settings, only allowing programs downloaded from the app store to run. You just need to go into System Preferences and Allow All Apps. Watch this if you need guidance.

If you're asking this question, it almost certainly means you're thinking about trying to hack under Microsoft Windows. This is a bad idea in itself. When I compared trying to learn to hack under Windows to trying to learn to dance while wearing a body cast, I wasn't kidding. Don't go there. It's ugly, and it never stops being ugly.

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