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5Morning Inspiration Mantras to Start Your Day Consciously

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 17:20

Hey dude really awesome collection of cards its not much easier to pick once bcz all designs are really awesome
thanks for sharing this wonderful creative blogs

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Need a cheerleader? Someone to encourage you when times are tough? Tell you that everything will be okay? Your finest inspiration comes from within. It’s nice to have others behind you, but if you learn to be your biggest support, then you’ll never lack for encouragement. Repeat this mantra – in fact, chant it until you believe it: You can do it. 

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Great post! Thanks for taking the time to gather up these examples. Nice source of inspiration also. One of my favorite cards in the group was the Erin Wenz card. I also found the 5th floor card interesting, but was concerned over whether it would easily crack in half when in a pocket or wallet.

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Every morning, list ten things that you are grateful for – and keep going with as many as you can think of. It doesn’t matter if they are the same basic things every day in fact, it’s a good practice to acknowledge the blessings you might take for granted: good health, a safe place to sleep, soft sheets, breakfast in the pantry, shoes to wear, a job… etc. Name the things you are thankful for, and close off the list with this mantra: I appreciate the abundance in my life.

The ones that get pricey for people and area rare are the diecut cards and i have only ran into maybe two people in all of my years of networking that use them. still cool!

Wonderful collection, some seen before but still stunning nonetheless. Especially love Armin Rosu 8767 s card. A simple depiction but to be able to come to something that brilliant must have been hard.

I just twittered about this post! The cards are amazing.
I particularly like the BRSaunders and Socialuxe cards but it 8767 s awfully hard to choose.

Did you know that you are a worthwhile human being? The divine spark of life resides within you. You are amazing! Doubtful? Start each day by thinking of ten things that you like about yourself. Big things (I am smart) to small things (my fingernail polish looks pretty) – count up ten reasons why you love yourself, and keep going if you can. Visualize a bright white light emanating from your being and repeat this mantra: I am a worthwhile human being.

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I am surfing via google and i found your blog full of interesting material really enjoyed here and i am wondering that you will keep updated on every post.

Let’s face it: you don’t always spring out of bed with a smile on, ready to face the day in a positive way (unless you’re a dog). The bed is so warm and cozy and welcoming, and the day can be so… busy and stressful.

I asked you to give me a nice design to design a visiting card for my website http://
and you give me a list of 955 odd cards
where each one is more beautiful then the other :-)
now I am confused all over again..

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